Services Offered

Prices start at $120 {$45 deposit}.

-Up to 3 stock art images. Images will be purchased from DepositPhotos. {Extra images can be purchased for $10.}
-Up to 4 Revisions (Each additional revision will be $10.)

If you would like to keep costs down, you are more than welcome to purchase your own stock art. This is something we can discuss beforehand.


Virtual Assistant services start at $18/hour with a minimum of 3 hours a month. I specialize in working with authors and in the romance book community, but have worked with other clients in other fields, an am comfortable with doing so.

I am open to doing additional tasks. We can discuss any ideas you have when you contact me.

If you are an author, I also offer up my blog, Redheads Review It Better, to promote your book. If you are looking for a wider range of blogs and more exposure, I am more than happy to contact some other blog sites, but I highly recommend using Tasty Book Tours if you would like to have an official blog tour for your book. Everyone at Tasty is amazing!

I honestly stumbled into editing as a favor for an author who was self-publishing for the first time on her own. I wanted to help her out and keep costs down, so I offered to give it a go. I have professionally edited 6 books since that time. I am by no means a professional with a degree, (I’m hoping that things work out how they are supposed to and I will be able to go back to school and finish up my degree with a major in English.) but I have a keen eye on editing mistakes and often times find myself noticing the flow of a story-especially if it isn’t jiving with the pace. I would love to be given the opportunity to edit your manuscript and be able to show my skills.

Pricing for editing:

Content and Copy Editing: $0.0046/word
-I perform a thorough content and copy edit through Word
-I would like the document formatting as follows: 1 inch margins with 12 point font
-Turn around time is 2 weeks
-2 editing rounds
-Fact-check the manuscript and make sure everything flows (As an example, my husband is a detective who has been with his department for almost 10 years. There are times I’ve read things the officer/detective/captain did procedure-wise that they would have gotten that person in the hot seat with the higher ups, but the character was not reprimanded.)
-Will make note of any word usage or phrases that are repetitive
-Make sure you are showing and not telling
-Plot consistency, pacing, setting, dialogue
-I am more than happy to brainstorm ideas after I return the manuscript

Proofreading: $0.0025/word
-If you would like me to proof your manuscript twice, add $45 to the final price
-Fix things like grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure

I know it can be pricey, so after a small deposit of $75, we can work out a payment plan.

At this time, I am focusing editing romance novels only.